Oct 11, 2007



UGSMAG video feature on Toronto based beatboxer Poizunus (Scribble Jam 2007 Beatbox Champion).

For more info on Poizunus check out poizunuslive.com and myspace.com/poizun. Look out for his debut EP A.D.D. (Active Dreaming Disorder) dropping this winter.



  1. This dude killed it at Scribble Jam this year.

  2. Raymond

    Adrian…. group up around the block from this cat!!!! you are one serious fellah.. gots to spit a lyric on your beat boxxx one of these days man. Great to see you doing good things bro…

  3. wow, that is a real heavy-duty behbopper!!!! out in there brah!!!!

  4. jayoh fellonious

    Everybody who I show this video to, whether or not they’re into hip hop or not is super impressed. A couple of us were looking at the footage just completely dumb-founded. Word up Adrian. Spread the word on this cat, he’s one of our best exports.

  5. Angelica

    wow!! dat is all i can say – the video and the pps who have been P perform live can vouch that this dude has some sick talent !
    luva ya!!oxooxoxoxooangie….

  6. This doode is fucking ill.

  7. Jenrock


  8. yo respekt. That’s an ill beatbox.

  9. pod

    I’ve seen him live a couple time in Toronto and each time I was blown away!
    And hes such a down to earth young lad!
    a Boombastic buddy of mine 😉

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