July 30, 2007

Side Road Records + Friends

UGSMAG videographer Jon B hooked up with Factor, Joe Dub, Giovanni Marks (aka Subtitle), Nolto, Cam the Wizzard, Forgetful Jones, Ben.e, Advokit (NonStatus) and Ira Lee. Filmed during the Edmonton stop of the Side Road Records Live in 75 Tour.


20 Responses

  1. “Winnipeg is like Compton, if you don’t belive me, I’ll shoot you”


  2. I love sideroad and ugsmag. You guys got to keep doing shit like this. Although I almost had a heart attack when forgetful jones said how he got to vancouver.

  3. 2 stoges to everyone who came out and showed us support at all the shows in all the cities….alive or dead…..and big up to ugsmag for the pub!!!!! i’ll be back in canada real soon!!!

  4. i had a blast at the show, and then some. anywho… gooo giants! haha…. and a big yay to “the dood with the sparkling mustache”!

  5. Dope video… loved the bit about being the black Moka Only Ira… LOL!

    First time hearing Cam the Wizzard… dude’s sick!