May 21, 2008

DJ Weezl

Video feature with Edmonton’s infamous DJ Weezl, revealing a glimpse into his life on the road as Cadence Weapon’s DJ and more. Check out Weezl’s myspace for tour dates and samples from his Swoop mixtape.

DJ Weezl

34 Responses

  1. so dope weez eating chips at the end was awesome.
    the show in calgary was great!
    if you have a chance to see cadence, bastid, buck and weez
    do it
    great energy!

  2. the dinosaur movement, scissor-cutting out your own cdr covers, and that hustle t-shirt.
    classic weez rock

  3. man weez-l’s hilarious we drove around edmonton with him forever one day trying to get to the power plant for sound check and he kept asking us for directions (which we obviously had no clue about) in his own city hahaha

  4. Actually filkoe, the tail part of the hat is authentic racoon tail, while the crown portion of the hat is synthetic. Weez deserves shines, I’m glad people are feelin.

  5. My girlfriend and I saw Weezl and Cadence Weapon’s set at Virgin Festival in Calgary…coming in basically cold – as we’d only heard OF them up ’til then – they totally blew us away. Theirs was our favourite set of the whole weekend Festival, no question.