September 16, 2013

K-the-I??? / Walter Gross – The Blueprint Of A Paper Airplane / Like Dust

New split tape release, out on gold cassettes from I Had An Accident.

With The Promise Of Automation, k-the-i??? and Walter Gross came together in 2005 as Youth:Kill. With Walter laying down beats and Kiki on the mic, the two created something that may have been beyond its time. The Blueprint Of A Paper Airplane / Like Dust brings the two back 3-4 years later, but unlike the Youth:Kill collaboration, k-the-??? and Walter Gross showcase 20 minutes of solo material. These past years certainly showed growth and development from both artists. K-the-i??? displays 5 instrumental tracks. Walter Gross constructs one ambient track. While k-the-i??? produces heavy beat driven notes with that slight jazz influence going on, be it slight, it carries its own weight with a nostalgic slang. The drumming sequence is stunning. The softness of the tones and the samples used create an airy loftiness that rolls well in its rhythm. Walter Gross on the other hand is much darker, for real tho. The sample of a phone call from Baltimore jail is haunting and eerie. It changes the tone of the album. Gross utilizes time as an instrument and moments as a bridge. Imagine the mantra of meditation from the cell. Lost in the thoughts of the past. Limited to 150 tapes.