May 31, 2010

Kid Lithium – The First Downloadable Drug

Kid Lithium - The First Downloadable Drug

Download: Kid Lithium – The First Downloadable Drug (zip)

New free album by Vancouver rapper/producer Kid Lithium. Almost entirely produced by Lithium himself. Presented by Grounded TV.

One Response

  1. This is the best thing to come out of Vancouver in a long time. It’s clear that Kid Lithium really owns his style and is still embracing his creative side lyrically which is obviously in songs like “Who sold yer Morals” and “You ain’t got nothing to say”. Of course Lithium shows his skills in beat making with songs like “Vegetables” (do you recognize the sample) and “Hell seems kind of nice”. You can always count on the Kid to drop the party tracks too, in “Bounny Hunnas” featuring Bizoid the Android and Logical from his crew East Side Magic. This album shows the depth of this rapper/producer and the consistency of his creative process. The emotion and clarity of thought and word truly shows and is refreshing to listen to in this world of boastful rapstars. This is one album I can put on repeat and keep finding something new and enjoyable. I recommend everyone have a listen. There isn’t much in life that’s free….so peep it…..and you’ll have that head bompin’ in no time!