Sep 20, 2009

Knowself Interview + Unreleased tracks



  1. Nice! Good to hear dude is getting it together.

  2. thats when she said, you’re more than wlecome to come with me, im just going down the street, to find some place to sit, maybe get something to drink, i didnt have to think, i told her that it sounded great, then she told me her name…..

  3. Dude

    He looks so normal! Wierd

    • No doubt! This is the first time i think i’ve seen a photo of him… From his voice I had always pictured this insanely huge more scruffy looking dude.

  4. maxprime

    the audio is sick. like something out of early freestyle fellowship

  5. wrecker

    Damn, that audio is sick! Who produced it? Is he putting out a new album in 2010? He should, he’s one of the best rappers on earth and deserves more light. He dropped more knowledge on his ALEPH album than most rappers ever will in there whole happy go lucky career’s.

  6. wrecker

    knowself kills any rapper in the world! A lot of these dude’s be doing hippy rap anyways!

    Oh yeah, Knowself. The most lyrical. never turned hippy-alternative folk rap like a lot of so-called true hip hop artists. Get that ALEPH album people. My boy Knowself is gonna be replying to this thread soon>

    read the interview

    read the interview- support the realest rapper in the world

    knowself interview- the rappers you dig don’t come close to knowself’s skill.

    its official- knowself responds later tonight

  7. bizzare_ride

    haha why dont you get off his dick. whether you know him or not you need to chill the fuck out.

  8. knowself

    heard about this thread- 1 of my 10 fans was givin me mad love. I love you too man. and remember people; NOBODY HAS AUTHORITY, POWER, CONTROL, OWNS ANYTHING OR IS A HIGH CREDIBILITY AUTHORITY FIGURE-THE GOVERNMENT DOSNT EXIST

  9. knowself

    big big boobies

  10. knowself

    and oh yeah, to an earlier reply- i might look normal if you only see the surface. i take care of myself and dont prefer to stick out, be flamboyant or be rough looking., i look normal-maybe- but i’m very much different from the average law abiding non bank robber. beware. ha h ah ah aha!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. boogers on the government
    pissin on politicians-fart on corporate ceo’s and… love every minute of life and YOU!

  11. ahahaha….nuff said! dope stuff for sure…arrest the bankers!

  12. grimes

    I need that aleph album bad anyone know where to find it the one with moves is one of my all time favorite albums!

  13. Just stumbled across this. Cool.

    Here’s the first verse Knowself recorded after getting out of jail, a posse cut with Ira Lee and Wordburglar over the instrumental to Buck 65’s “Wildlife Part 3” for the Hand’Solo mixtape:

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