June 17, 2010

Komrade & Stripes – “Russian Guitar”

Abstract Flaws Fatal Realities

Download: Komrade & Stripes – “Russian Guitar” (mp3)

New track from Grim Empire members Komrade (Brothers Grim) & Stripes, from their forthcoming free EP Abstract Flaws Fatal Realities. The EP drops June 26, 2010 and features production from Sonik, Ja Oan and Ebeats out of the Netherlands. The album has cuts by DJ Nato and DJ CreeAzn.


Komrade & Stripes - "Russian Guitar"

20 Responses

  1. Shit, that’s a hot track, and unfortunate for me because I was working on a song with that exact sample (different tempo/drums though) from Currie. Pooey for me, cool for you guys. (Is this the beat that people accused Currie of jacking at the last Producer Battle? If so, than I think it was unjust.

  2. Yes this was it. I still am not sure. When I asked Currie what the sample was he told me the exact name of the beat I bought…

    Perhaps it is a common sample or from a sample pack? Im not sure. All I know is I bought this beat a year ago from a producer in the Netherlands.

    Stay tuned for the video for this song!! And tell Currie to tuck his sample lmao

  3. Yo Komrade, I think that this is the best shit that I’ve heard from you yet!!
    Keep doin your thing man, Stripes too!! You guys are continuously improving every time that I hear something new!


    and save a copy for me,

  4. Definitely the dopest shit I’ve heard from either of you dudes, good shit! That samples pretty common. I came across it the other day myself, did a lil research and its been used a fair amount but who gives a fuck, shits dope, who did the cuts on this track?

  5. Thanks Jon & Justin.

    Can you name the sample for me? I would like to check it out.

    Cuts are by DJ Nato for the whole project except one track has cuts by DJ CreeAzn

    1. Hey I could always send you the lyrics or I could put them on my reverbnation.

      And thanks the video for this single will be released very soon! And it looks great!

  6. Thanks to all who peeped the track.

    Music video for the single is to be released very soon, as well as physical copies of the album.

    Thanks for all the support.

    Much respect

  7. This is dope – even though Stripes still needs to work on that Last Emperor flow, it’s coming along nicely.

    Kom, this is a good step forward in your development…it always seems to me that PG’s awkward timing brings down the tracks you’re both on.

    That artwork is dope, too – who did it?

    1. J.Soul, as always your feedback is much appreciated. Stripes has improved leaps and bounds, even comparing this project to his upcoming album, he just keeps getting better.

      As per the PG comment, again he has developed leaps and bounds also. You will be able to hear his improvement on his upcoming solo project ‘Blunts, Broads & Bottles’ which is more suited to his sound. Where as I love to make underground music, PG leans more towards the mainstream sound.

      The artwork was done by a girl I found through Deviantart. I put out an add and after weeding through the applications this is what i got. Im quite please with it.

  8. My Last Emperor flow hey J.Soul??

    Thanks for the feedback tho man, I appreciate it man.

    Im a beatboxer by trait, and wanted to emcee…. its a process. Thanks again for the feedback dude.