April 17, 2008

LRI Presents – The Necker Cube Volume 2 [+mp3]

The Necker Cube 2

The Necker Cube 2 is a new compilation from Cleveland based La Rock Inc. Records featuring Ceschi & David Ramos, MC Homeless, MC Lars and many others! More info here

Check out the dope anti-Bono track from Ceschi and David Ramos: [download#59#nohits]


1. MC Lars “A Message From MC Lars”
2. chrismick “Beat Of The Drum”
3. Ceschi & David Ramos “You Killed Rock ‘N’ Roll”
4. Deaf By Arms F/ Johnny La Rock & Mush Mouth “Sleazy’s Cut”
5. Square Wail & Leeni “Headphones On Your Heart”
6. Parsley Flakes “Fuck The Media”
7. Johnny La Rock & Mush Mouth “Cassettes”
8. The Electric Grandmother “The Blossoming”
9. Dual Core F/ Ill Poetic “Lost Reality”
10. FURFACE “Krime & Justice”
11. The Dad Of Rock F/ Jarmara “Sea Monkeys”
12. Swordplay F/ Domer “Teletelevision”
13. The Woovs “Dream”
14. Johnny La Rock “Reincarnation”
15. MC Homeless, Spoken Nerd, Bobby Exodus,
Swordplay, & PT Burnem “Been Runnin’ ”
16. Visuals Media Sources “Beside The River”
17. Mush Mouth “Party At Dude’s House”
18. The Long Haul “Out Among ‘Em”
19. Soapbox Prophet “Cincinnati”
20. Presque Vu “Passing Out”
21. AmeriKKKan Hostage “Lizard’s Playground”
22. FURFACE “The French Professor”
23. MC Homeless “The Winter Song”

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