May 19, 2014

M.C. K~Swift & Scott Thorough – Get It Together EP

Four or five years ago, techno was coming back (yucca call it whatever you want; edm-step whatever. I’m calling it techno today). M.C. K~Swift and I were heavy into it. We were also friends with the ability to convey that into life-positive dance rap. I would probably like to forget the influence that the dub step wobble had on me, but YMOLO AMIRIGHT?

Anyways, we made these songs for fun, figuring out we’d put em out ourselves. A label signed us to put out this record. I’ve not heard from them in three years, so we’re gonna release this into the world for free. Even though the music is dated a bit, it’s still futuristic and spreads a message I’m all about: Inclusivity and peace.

-Scott Thorough