Dec 14, 2010

Max Prime & Marc Pause – Prime Directive: Show ‘n Prove

Max Prime & Marc Pause - Prime Directive: Show 'n Prove

Dope new free EP from Edmonton’s Max Prime and producer Marc Pause. This latest Neferiu Records release also features a guest appearance by fellow Edmontonian Cadence Weapon.


  1. Avatar JOMBIE


  2. Avatar advo

    yo this is ill..max ur flow is mad different now…im used the the mf prime type of shit..but dope nonetheless

  3. Avatar Bag of LEAN

    Yeah enjoyin’ this.

  4. Avatar metawon

    Dope cover too

  5. Avatar Balzac

    lovin’ this shit

  6. thanks for checking this out!

  7. these are exciting times. and that cover is incredible.

  8. ah man, that ride interlude needs to be rapped over

  9. Avatar Justin Elmer

    I’m impressed! The tongue twisting lyrics alone are on some next level shit, but I really like the way that you tweak out certain words here and there. DOPE!

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