Jun 1, 2010

Mikey Maybe – Chips+Pop


Mikey Maybe - Chips+Pop

<a href="http://mikeymaybe.bandcamp.com/album/chips-pop">Plastic Bags by Mikey Maybe</a>

New 8-bit concept album from Edmonton based Emcee/Producer Mikey Maybe. Chips+Pop also features a guest spot from Mikey’s Old Ugly label-mate, The Joe. Get it from bandcamp or via olduglyco.com/store



  1. word up, thanks noyz!

  2. epic

    the homies.

  3. hahah more chips and pop then Commander Keen, this shit is nerded right out.

  4. chris plus

    It’s all about Doom: Episode 1 shareware on 2 floppy disks.

  5. I like this project, nice and short brought me back to the days when you’d wake up early on Saturday morning to go rent Super Mario Bros 3 from 7-11 and play it all weekend trying to beat it.

  6. i can do a cartwheel, but only once!


    great song!!!

  7. max prime

    riiiidin’ nerdy. cool stuff

  8. Royal-T

    hahha never heard of mikey maybe and usually ain’t down with the geeky steeze but this is pretty good, decent rhymes and brings you back to a time when rap was fun.

  9. Jar3tt

    nice work mikey.

  10. KO Con Caseus

    This is good for sure.

  11. i’m definitely looking forward to his full lenght. he’s actually working on two right now. if anyone here is into electronica as well, mikey maybe also does that. Racoon Suit: racoonsuit.bandcamp.com, http://www.myspace.com/racoonsuit

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