June 8, 2010

Mr. Dibbs – Dead World, Out Now + “Knock Knock” ft. Dose One & Jel [mp3]


Download: http://fresherthan.com/2010/06/01/mr-dibbs-knock-knock-mp3

After years of touring, Mr. Dibbs is back with a new album. Dead World is out now and features Grayskull, The Black Keys, Brother Ali, Murs, Barfly, Themselves and more. Get it here.

Track list:
1. Burn With (Joe Coleman)
2. Behind The Door (With Grayskull)
3. Dead World (With Jason Michaels, Full Blown Kaos, Ramallah & Fiest)
4. Born Bad? (With Julliete Lewis & Galt Mcdermot)
5. Stand (With Scott Vogel Of Terror)
6. Diagnosis (With Ramallah)
7. Ya Heard (With Playdough & The Black Keys)
8. Pitch Black Noon (With Brother Ali & Rob Viktum)
9. Moutain (With Charles Manson)
10. M.F. You Love 2 Hate (With Murs & Chris Awesome Of Suicide Pact)
11. Get It! (With Barfly)
12. Fire Blind (With Mike Schank Of Sector7g)
13. Where Pigs Fly (With Skandal Da Rukus Man)
14. Nohio2Noyork (With Dezmatic)
15. Knock Knock (With Dose One & Jel (Themselves))
16. Good Knight (With Coach Bobby Knight)



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Mr. Dibbs - Dead World, Out Now + "Knock Knock" ft. Dose One & Jel [mp3]