December 3, 2008

Muneshine – “Globetrotters”

Muneshine’s latest video from his Status Symbol album. Video is directed and filmed by TJ Derry (One Films) and the track is produced by M-Phazes.

Muneshine – Status Symbol
Muneshine – “Farewell Remix” Feat. D-Sisive [The making of video Pt.1]

13 Responses

  1. can some canadian hurry up and drop a decent fucking video?

    between werd’s carbon copy on repeat ‘street vids’ concept with the same blur effects and staircases (rapping on a staircase makes you 100% street) and these shiny looking but going nowhere videos… i dunno whats worse.

    you took westjet and went to a wharf.

    just because you got a camera, dont mean you should be making videos.

  2. This vid had potential, but it just kinda falls flat. I’m sure he’s got a shitload of tour photos that could’ve been been interspersed in the middle there. Not hatin’, really. Just an observation. The track is kinda nice, though.