Dec 3, 2008

Muneshine – “Globetrotters” [video]



  1. SKZA


  2. timbulb

    Haha… westjet… globetrotters….

  3. Nolto

    This is good.

  4. BONER J

    so he went on an airplane to Toronto island? I’m getting too old for Muneshine.

  5. dope! i like this beat alot. it’s awesome how big those boxes are. mad units. d-sisive’s bird mask is kind of corny.

  6. rickroo

    can some canadian hurry up and drop a decent fucking video?

    between werd’s carbon copy on repeat ‘street vids’ concept with the same blur effects and staircases (rapping on a staircase makes you 100% street) and these shiny looking but going nowhere videos… i dunno whats worse.

    you took westjet and went to a wharf.

    just because you got a camera, dont mean you should be making videos.

  7. This vid had potential, but it just kinda falls flat. I’m sure he’s got a shitload of tour photos that could’ve been been interspersed in the middle there. Not hatin’, really. Just an observation. The track is kinda nice, though.

  8. i think i’d rather listen to the instrumental

  9. “would I dumb it down, never, I’m too clever” —– wow…that was inspiring

  10. Mike Brown, Yo!

    I like this.

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