March 30, 2009

Noah23 – 2 Free albums (Crab Nebula + The Unmixtape)


From Noah: “This is an album I did a few years ago (2006) but my label 2nd Rec folded and it was never released. Its properly mastered and entirely produced by Madadam…. (yeah yeah…not the Chicago DJ, the producer whos worked with Baracuda, Weird Apples, and done cuts for Hell Razah, Jean Grae and more. Here is the album for free download. There are no guests, which was one of the arguments against my latest release. Enjoy”

Noah23 & Madadam – Crab Nebula
1. Enter the Nebula
2. Obsidian Liquid
3. Fathom
4. Lobster Heads
5. The Power Of Suggestion
6. Coffee & Cigarettes
7. Nebula
8. Indigo Mountain Vapour
9. Sirius B-Boy
10. Tilted
11. Aquarius Pharoah
12. Paisley Imperial
13. Quarantine
14. Lost In The Nebula

Noah23 – The Unmixtape

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