Jan 6, 2008

Nobs: 2 New Projects (free downloads)


Nobs - This is MeI’ve always loved Nobs, and all the Fingerprint Records dudes, but haven’t heard anything in a longtime and now here he is with 2 new projects available for free download. The first, This is Me, is an EP that can be downloaded track by track from his MySpace page. The second, It’s Only New To You, is a collection of “unreleased tracks, guest appearances and random shit.” Find it here.



  1. Chaps

    Thanks missed the “This is me” downloads! Fingerprint Records and H2A need to release more! Always like their stuff.

  2. best rapper name in canada with the allowed at the end

  3. Chadio, Nobs is from New York State. A different dude altogether from NoBS Allowed.

  4. Balzac

    doesn’t look like you can download that stuff unless you are a member of myspace. it keeps asking me to login.

    the first track is nice.

  5. whoa my bad, still, checking this out tomorrow after work.

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