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March 7, 2018

Nomad – “The Voices” (CGI Buffalo Soundtrack)

Premiere of the first single from the soundtrack to Tom De Geeter’s CGI Buffalo comic book series. Set to be released later this year, the album will feature songs by Nomad, Ceschi, Rickolus, Zachary Cale, Elissa Lecoque and more.

CGI Buffalo is a comic book series by Belgian-based illustrator and writer Tom De Geeter (aka Speed Dial 7), who has a history of producing music with his bands Zucchini Drive and Cavemen Speak but also running independent record label Marathon of Dope. CGI Buffalo is his first foray into the graphic novel world.

Find out more about the comics and how to order them here:

CGI Buffalo tells the story of Ceegee, a buffalo-man hybrid on a quest to rediscover his identity in the face of trauma-induced memory loss. After collecting a series of clues, we follow Ceegee through a journey of paranoia and delusion.

CGI Buffalo combines the feel of New York City’s jazz and record culture with a fantastical and subtly Freudian mystery about how we come to be who we are. Bathed in references to present day music and movie culture, the story is heavily influenced by arthouse films and a grindhouse aesthetic. This is exemplified in the novel’s use of color, negative space, graphic textures, and the warm glow of artificial light.