April 17, 2020

Third Verse: Episode 38 – Rob Crooks

Illustration by 319 Heads

Rob Crooks was in town with his Winnipeg cohorts for a show with Factor and Ceschi, so Chaps and Epic took the opportunity to sit down with him in person, and go over the fundamentals of Rob’s career so far.

Rob has always been an innovator and experimenting with the sounds and techniques of hip hop, so it was great to get his perspective and vision from where he comes from.

Songs featured in this episode:
Speak Easy – Rob Crooks (Single)
Pump up the Volume – Rob Crooks & Birdapres (Argyle)
Not Cool – Rob Crooks (Hearts EP)
Sloshin – Bazooka Joe & Rob Crooks (Schadenfreude)
Frankenstein – Rob Crooks (Science is Magical)