May 18, 2008

Opio – Vulture’s Wisdom [videos]


Opio - Vulture’s WisdomOpio’s new CD/DVD Vulture’s Wisdom drops April 8th on Hiero Imperium. The DVD includes animated shorts and music videos for almost every song on the album.

“Original Lyricist”

“Stop The Press”

More info available here.


  1. Avatar Balzac

    both these songs are ill. this will be a good release

  2. stop the press beat is sickkk.

  3. Avatar workturkey

    fucking sick tracks wow

  4. Wow, man…I haven’t felt anything Hiero-related in while, but these joints turned me around. Fuckin’ hot!

  5. Avatar Royal-T

    yeeeeeeahhh dope. opio’s always been one of my favorites, his last album was amazing too. By far my favorite hiero mc for years now, I love Del and Pep love too but Opio’s always had the illest voice and it hasn’t changed a bit.

  6. Avatar Royal-T

    “pencil neck geeks/ and pierced freaks/ is mince meat/ hacky sack and frisbee/ now you wanna mc?/”
    ahhh dope

  7. Avatar max prime

    def great songs

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