Jan 15, 2010

Partyboobytrap – Entrapment


Partyboobytrap - Entrapment

Virtue and Exquisite Corpse are back with their sophomore album, Entrapment. Download it for free at famelessfam.com

Track Listing:
1. Swagger (like You)
2. The Number Order (Parts N & X)
3. Charred Gold
4. Apple 3.14 featuring Nobs
5. MMann (Secrets of Gentlemanism)
6. This is a Song
7. Property Value and Malusage
8. All my Friends are Trapped
9. Roundabout Way
10. Long Couch Chronicles
11. Never Trust the File Clerk
12. Goodnight North America featuring Mac Lethal
13. Goodmorning (to You)


  1. yes. Virtue and Exquisite Corpse did it again.

  2. Avatar deejay emoh betta

    the album is incredible! the dj’s fresh too! ha

  3. Dope and highly recommended!

  4. dope!

    I wrote ‘this is a song’ first though!

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