Feb 25, 2009

Planit + The Dirty Sample = 2 Blue Apes


A little sneak peak from Planit’s self-produced (The Dirty Sample) new project, 2 Blue Apes. Also look for his new remix album coming out soon on Hand’Solo Records.

Check out workturkeymusic.com for more info, free downloads, and updates on Planit, Metawon, and Cadilakid.


  1. Avatar Lyric1

    The album is dope! Planit got the heater beats and raps for real.

  2. Avatar Nolto

    I need a new planit album.
    Hurry up with that shit.

  3. Avatar chadio

    planit is the guy

    i got that rap coming to you i promise

  4. dope stuff G. Can’t wait.

  5. This preview is pretty dope. Lots of shit to download on that site to!

  6. Sounds dope! Can’t wait for a new Planit album! Long overdue.

  7. This was a early link to the site, we still need to get some content up.
    I think Planit is looking at the first couple days of March to get the remaining content/tweaks up.
    Good looking out on the promo though, thanks Noyz!

  8. I’m a North American, wordup

  9. fucking sick. can’t wait for this album!!!!!!!!

  10. good job homie. can’t wait to hear all the new projects. stay bizzy wid it

  11. Avatar Orwitz

    if this guy and pip skid did a song and video together i wouldnt be able to tell the difference. i like pip skid but this guy??? i guess i gotta hear more from him never heard of him though

  12. pip skid.
    don’t get me wrong pip is ill I just don’t see the connection.

  13. Planit—- Illest yet again.
    Blue Apes have more colour then Sad Apes.

    I have been listening to that Kristen Track alot lately…
    E town show????
    1 Luv

  14. pip and planit would be a sick combo!!!!!!!!

    two completely different, individual styles of dope!!!

  15. dudes got mad talent, looking forward to the remix album on HandSolo makin its way out

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