July 17, 2008



Illustration by Pearl Rachinsky
Calgary based emcee/producer Planit gives back a lot to the prairie scene. I love his music. Check out his new producer remix album coming soon on Hand’Solo Records.

Introduce yourself. How long have you been rapping? Who are your rap crew affiliations?

My name is Planit aka The Dirty Sample aka Professor Mandrake. My Crew is everyone in the rap scene across Canada but mostly Metawon. I’ve been writing raps since I was twelve, but actually rapping since i was fifteen (on and off) and doing shows since 2001 ish I think. Werd to Cosm for putting me on my first show.

Cosm put you on first! How did you feel when he asked you to perform? What were the circumstances?

I was nervous as shit and pretty bad I think. I had the energy but no breath control. lol I think it was opening for gruff or someone. I learned a lot the first set ever.

Can you describe the making of The Whole Process of Things?

When I made The Whole Process of Things I wanted it to be raw. The whole album was really the first time on vocals where I expressed what I really wanted to say. It all just came together; except for “Look North,” I actually wanted that off the album. I had recorded that track a year prior to even starting The Whole Process of Things . Factor and Whatevski’s beats fit with the feel of the album so we went with a small group of producers for the album. Werd to Lex & What for putting out the The Whole Process of Things.

That’s a great album, what is your favourite song on that CD?

I don’t have a favourite I don’t think. So many dope artists on it. I guess my favourite solo track is probably “Lady Luck”. I love controversy. I did a show in Edmonton once were women left the room because of it. lol I guess some people just don’t like fucking! All the artists which helped me put this album out did an incredible Job. Werd to Factor, Max Prime, Lex & What, Alterone, Cadilakid, and Cam the Wizzard.

I understand you own a condo, do you go to condo meetings?

I don’t own a condo, I actually live in a house in NW Calgary. But, when I lived in the condo I did not attend meetings due to old crazy people not giving a shit about what I have to say.

To an outsider it appears that the Calgary hip hop scene has lost it’s momentum. To an insider and key contributor, what is the current state of the scene?

I really think the scene will come together. There is a positive vibe running through the city and people will start to take notice. Calgary is a tough city for music though. It is by far the least artistic big city in Canada. I can see how from the outside our scene may seem bleak at the moment but some big things will come to us. The talent is here we just need a really good promoter! Cosm is a busy man and can’t pick up every show! A lot of the promoters who were supporting the scene have kinda died out… like myself. It’s hard to throw a show and make it pop off without the proper promotion and financial backing. Calgary will explode, it will just take time.??

What would make the Calgary rap scene better?

To make the rap scene better I think we as artists need to realize rap is rap, not emo or hardcore or whatever, rap is rap. Also Calgary has got to get a little less “cliquey.” Crews think they’re better than them or better than him, it makes no sense. Arrogance is useless. Making rap better means we need to do this as a whole not as separate crews, which is starting to happen slowly.

What happened with Fameless [Calgary, Alberta, Record Store]?

Fameless… hmm…. I’d say falling out with the old owner. Originally I was supposed to buy it with Cadilakid and it fell through, to iffy I guess… which is too bad cause I really wanted to make that store a big part of Canadian hip hop and even start pushing it towards distro. The store was meant to be for artists of all elements. To promote art and music and to be honest I was on my way to making it happen but things didn’t work out for whatever reason. Fuck it. Now I just focus on making beats and raps… also eating children. But I still support, werd to Fameless and DJ Meliquois.

What is Virtue up to these days, does he still rap?

Virtue, I’ve tried to contact him but I think he’s just M.I.A. I know he’s in college so he’s probably going to college gang bangs. I’m not sure if he’s still rapping, I hope cause he was dope.

Is he the first prairie mc to be disgruntled before he turns 18? What would you say to him to get him back into the scene??

I wouldn’t say he’s disgruntled, I actually have never seen him without a smile on his face from ear to ear. I’d say he needed a change. To get him back in the rap scene I would say “if you come back I will produce your next album; also there will be Swedish porn and we all know the Swede’s make an excellent fuck picture.”

To those unfamiliar with The Belvedere Sessions can you sell the album in words?

Belvedere Sessions = Ill Canadian music. Every artist on this album adjusted to fit my beats and it came out like a golden egg filled with love juice. Also it’s free so… get it in ya!

What is the easiest way to get it homie?

www.neferiu.com, also check the other ill releases from this dope underground label.??

Any comments on the business of independent rap???

Business side of rap is tough to get a grip on, especially in Canada, but it is possible. I think its all about grants, you have to have money to make money. I’m broke. Music first then Business.

Jarome Iginla or Lanny Maconald?

Lanny has a Lord Stanley ring and a giant fucking mustache.

Is it true you are releasing an album on Hand’Solo Records?

Yes. I am honored to be releasing a remix album for Hand’Solo. This means a lot to me being a Canadian rap fan. Hand’Solo is a huge mogul for our music. The remix album will feature artists like Eternia, More Or Les, Birdapres, Max Prime, Chadio, Epic, Lexington & Whatevski,Touch, Ok Cobra, Mindbender, Wordburgalar, Cas Uno, Red Ants, Royce Birth, Politic Live and many more… I couldn’t have done this album on such a large scale without Hand’Solo. Doogie is a god. I’m excited for this because it’s cats from all over who are willing to try their raps over a new style of lo-fi rawness.

What do you think of paying for guest appearances.

??Paying for guest appearances and beats is okay with me. Personally I think if an artist likes your stuff you should be putting out a track together without the business side of it, but it is rap and 2008. We need money to survive unfortunately, so I understand that aspect. But, in the scheme of things too many rappers think they can charge for 16 bars and too many producers are selling beats without having enough product to be able to say “I’m accomplished,” but hey if they offer you money then sell them shits. If I didn’t have to work a day job and could just sit my cave making beats and selling them I’d be the happiest silverback around… one day.

Who is doper Chad Van Gaalen or Cam the Wizzard?

Cam the Wizzard can grow to 2000 feet high and shit gold bars the size of school buses.

Any last words or shoutouts?

Shouts outs to the world. Keep an eye out for my new music like my remix album on Hand’Solo, also a hot alum from Planit & Metawon and other delicious treats in the future. Werdtothemothrfucker.

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  1. come back to saskatoon!

    afterpartys at soso’s are hectic!

    i dont remember them.

  2. fuck you douche canoe

    this remix album will change the world’s perception of Canadian rap.
    btw, what’s it called?

  3. i am using this platform to extend an invitation to my calgarian brother planit to come to summer fling!!!!canada won’t be the same without you if you don’t!!!!!!!!

  4. Good interview Epic really asked some good questions and made this article interesting to read wasn’t super generic like jons interviews.

  5. That was a really good interview, I wanted to keep reading but than it ended. Planit’s dope and it was good to get a bit of perspective on Calgary’s music scene.

  6. Word to Planit. Thanks for the hilarious interview. Check the Dirty Sample sessions on neferiu.com
    click the big gorilla.
    Planit, you got any shows upcoming in Calgary? I like it when you do that waiter song, and when you rant and rave like a lunatic.
    Planit: “People ask me why I am always leaning on this mic stand. Because I’M DRUNK AS FUCK!”

  7. Funny ass interview. Good stuff man, can’t wait to hear the new albums.

    PS you can entice a man into doing whatever you please with a Swedish Fuck Picture.

  8. pretty dope interview, i saw virtue around a few times lately and been wondering why he doesn’t make rap,did he ever release that second album? the drawing looks more like planit than his actual face does

  9. Virtue is still making raps. He’s showed me a shitload of shit that he has been putting toghether. I don’t think he plans to release anything soon but he’s still showing hip hop plenty of love. His second album was sick.

    Word to Planit. Hardest motherfucker around.

  10. Word to planit!…Look North is actually one of my favoritesw on the album.
    Come back to toon soon! Glad to hear virtue is still writing raps, guy was illy!

  11. That was dope! I was reading this interview out loud to the homies and we were cracking up! It was great! Planit kills it!