February 6, 2010

Record Your Own Records with Gakken’s Gramophone Kit

Play & Record Your Own Records with Gakken's Gramophone Kit

With a bamboo needle and hand-cranked, completely mechanical action, this is a nearly perfect replica of gramophones used in the early 20th century. So along with playing records of any size, you can also record your own vinyl records by projecting your voice into the horn and using the including needle cutter to carve the grooves into a new record. You can purchase it for $177 (including shipping) from Japan Trend Shop.

Play & Record Your Own Records with Gakken's Gramophone Kit

via gizmodo

11 Responses

  1. anyone know about this thing? I’d buy one if I didn’t burn instructions all the time, as soon as I open the box.

  2. Anyone else notice dudes rocking a recording on the data side of a CDR… would it actually cut deep enough??

    And Alter, no worries about the instructions – they’re in japanese anyway. 🙂

  3. guaranteed sounds like shit but I’d still buy it. although, I buy a lot of stupid shit. anybody wanna buy a wwf wrestlefest or contra standup arcade game?? i need the room

  4. I’m getting one of these and recording all kinds of personalized Valentine’s day greetings for all the girls on chocolate records to give out this year… I am so getting laid!