The New Technics 1200

Panasonic unveiled the brand new Technics SL-1200G and limited edition SL-1200GAE this week during CES. Available this summer, the first new ...

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Laser-Cut Wooden Record

Laser-Cut Wooden & Acrylic Records

They don’t sound the clearest, but they look beautiful.

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Analog Vinyl Sampling

Emulating the audio tape cut & paste technique, by making vinyl sampling a bit more analog -- literally cutting and pasting precision cut pieces of vinyl to create samples.

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The Vinyl Experience [video]

Video footage of vinyl record production, recorded at Pallas Records in Diepholz, Germany — one of the last factories in Europe ...

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Invincible + Waajeed Tour Detroit’s Archer Record Pressing Plant [video]

Watch Invincible and Waajeed tour the legendary Archer Record Pressing plant in Detroit where their vinyl was being pressed.

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The SL-1200 is Dead: Panasonic Scratches Iconic Technics Turntable

We posted about the possible death of Technics last year, when it was rumoured that Panasonic would be stopping production of turntables in November 2010, now it looks like those rumours were in fact true...

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Triple Decker Record: A 7-inch embedded inside a 12-inch

Designed by Jack White and assembled by United Record Pressing, the Triple Decker contains a 7" record embedded inside a 12" record...

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Press Your Ashes into a Vinyl Record When You Die

Music lovers can now be immortalised when they die by having their ashes baked into vinyl records to leave behind for loved ones.

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CD/Vinyl Record Hybrid

One side of the disc is a normal CD, the other side plays on a normal analogue turntable.

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To Have & To Hold: A Film About Vinyl Records [video trailer]

To Have & To Hold is a 90 min feature documentary celebrating vinyl as a musical and cultural phenomenon... including interviews with Chuck D, Questlove...

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Vinyl Record Grooves Under an Electron Microscope

These are Electron Microscope images of record grooves from Chris Supranowitz, a researcher at The Insitute of Optics at the University ...

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Record Your Own Records with Gakken’s Gramophone Kit

With a bamboo needle and hand-cranked, completely mechanical action, this is a nearly perfect replica of gramophones used in the early ...

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