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November 27, 2009

Ron Contour (prod. Moka Only) – “Radiant” video + Moka’s “Martian Xmas 2009” sampler

Music video from on Contour’s album The Beach, available at thecatacombz.com. Directed by Smart.

Download: Moka Only “Martian Xmas 2009” Sampler

Martian Xmas 2009
Words from Moka: Seasons Greetings… This is my sixth edition of the Martian Xmas series. I feel that over the last few years of doing this annual project I have developed a certain continued vibe that is set apart from my other album releases. Martian Xmas was never intended to be a ‘standard Xmas’ album per se but more so an excursion into the sounds of north American winter during the holiday period… at least that’s how I see it and intend it to be. The whole “Martian” thing originated on the first album of the series as the outlook of a displaced alien that arrives on earth during the holidays to learn and understand what the fuss is about and pledges to return annually to add his contributions. I think this concept may have been ignited by a little known Xmas cartoon special that I viewed as a child entitled ‘a cosmic Christmas’ In which three alien visitors arrive on earth to determine what the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas was and how they could “measure it”. They befriend an outcast boy and his pet goose who shows the three visitors around town and eventually home to his lower income family. The aliens are sworn not to interfere with the human condition but have a change of heart when the opportunity to save a drowning neighborhood troublemaker occurs and thus discover the true meaning of Xmas in forgiveness, community and family.
Anyhow back to the music. I will say this: The Martian Xmas album series has evolved from a literal definition of a visiting Martian into a permant earth dweller who simply feels alienated and uses the music as his main means to even connect with the rest of the world. And that’s me! And as I was touching on before, I’m not sampling from well known Xmas songs nor am I doing covers. This is something different altogether… And that’s valid…because afterall, who is to really say what constitutes as Xmas music? And I use a secular approach with the words and content. Lyrically with this series I try to paint a patchwork of scenes, some abstract and some literal which entail everything from Xmas shoppers, last minute holiday preparations, family, friends, the weather and of course Jazz and speaking of which, listeners who are accustomed to the Moka Only catalog will notice a heavier jazz presence on this years Martian Xmas as I have culled together a few talented and notable individuals whom originate from jazz backgrounds to add their touch to this project. Also I am very excited to help introduce the work of Sean O’Hagan of the incomparable British avant-pop group The High Llamas’ to my audience. This group has been instrumental in partially reshaping my scope of music making. I am also pleased to introduce to the world a new talent on the boards, a beatmaker by the name of Jules Chaz of Victoria, BC who comes from a jazz drumming background. I foresee great things for his future. So to conclude my view on the project I would just like to say that I hope I have encapsulated a feeling of the holiday period that people from any background and/or walk of life or denomination can attain something from as this music is directly culminated from my holiday time experiences since childhood. I a very proud to bring you the 2009 edition of Martian Xmas. Special thanks to the forward thinking label Domination Recordings and Urbnet Communications for taking a chance with a left-field release as such.


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