August 2, 2007

Sage Francis’ label to release Buck 65’s new album.

Buck on Strange Famous Records

Exactly ten years ago I was handed a Buck 65 cassette tape that forever changed the way I approach my own music. There aren’t too many people who have been that influential or inspirational to me, so I’m elated to be releasing Buck 65’s new “Situation” album on Strange Famous Records. We had to jump through hoops of fire in order to license “Situation” from Warner Brothers, but SFR is fiercely independent so we already have a fire under our ass. I put my rep and my company behind this album with great confidence because “Situation” has Buck 65 returning to classic rap form while proving that hip-hop can still be creative, exciting and fresh. His reintroduction to the American audience came full force over the past few months with the “Death Dance Tour” (43 shows in all.) His relentless tour ethic will continue on through Europe before hitting the states again. Make sure to check or for sample tracks, pre-sale info, and Buck 65-related news. It is truly with great honor that SFR will be releasing Buck 65’s “Situation” in the territory of the US on Oct 30th!

– Sage Francis
President, Strange Famous Records


8 Responses

  1. This is some good news. I’m really looking forward to this album. Skratch Bastid was talking it up when I saw him somewhat recently in Toronto, and Buck also seems to be very excited about it. I’m glad Warner is down to put out something more hip-hop for Buck. Good luck for this, for sure…

  2. Did everyone really forget that Rich sold everyone down the river when he first signed his life away to Warner Music Canada? So why does anyone actively support him? Seriously he was in a position to help everyone that helped him get to where he was but decided it best to throw them under the bus and say he doesn’t even like rap. When he was in the press I didn’t hear a peep from him about the Canadian hip hop scene….or any hip hop scene for that matter. A little exposure to some lesser known artist to the semi-mainstream audience wouldn’t have taken away from his sales but nope that isn’t how old Rich saw it.You know what I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this new album will tank just as hard as the others he’s realease over that last couple years. Good for you Rich, you’ve shown a whole generation of rappers and producers what happens when you burn all your bridges just to be hot.
    Keep that emo shit alive kicko. Lord knows we need another rap song about a broken heart.

  3. as an old fan of buck, i’m glad to hear he’s releasing this album. i hope its dope. As for DiePods comment, I feel what you are saying. Eminem did the exact same thing. I thought when he blew up we would see all soundbombing/lyricist lounge artists being featured on his albums.

  4. just because you’re buddies doesn’t mean you deserve sympathy shouts. Buck did what he did with hard work and fan support, why should you get a free ride? sounds like you would try to use him more than he used you… if you had the chance. Shit like this reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite’s uncle

    lord knows we need another rap song about the struggle. lol

  5. Buck 65 has done so much for canadian hip-hop just by doing it for so long and so well, and the more success he has, the more it will reflect on canadian hip-hop as a whole.

  6. Buying beats from Jorun for THB and tracks to plug holes in the Warner reissues was more collaboration than Buck did on his previous records ever… maybe he just has higher standards than you do for determining to whom he owes a favour?

    I think the whole “rap sucks” schtick was a bad move and some dumb stuff to say, but who helped Buck 65 get “where he is”? I mean, where is he? He got a record deal by playing the game, no other Canadian artists were in there giving him a hand up.

    I mean, I’m one of many people who was dismayed to not hear from him for a long time after he moved away… but aside from personal correspondence, what do you feel he owed back to other rappers… and to whom, specifically, do you think he owed it?

  7. Jesse, I was thinking more along the lines of people like Thesis who did multiple Buck 65 covers for free not even mentioned once..or had any of his prior album artwork included in the liner notes of the reissued CDs from Warner Bros.
    I really could care less about Rich and what he goes through. I do care however when Rich takes advantages of situation and then shits on the people that helped him.
    For a good time why don’t you ask him about stealing photos and using them for his national ad campagin without permission and then not even crediting the photographer let alone paying them. That is a friend indeed. Now all I can wish for is all his music is bootlegged and he is forced to pay Warner Bros. back for the next 50 years.
    I may see his situation a little bit differently than some but seriously Rich 150% irrelevant.