April 7, 2009

Sahtyre – “J-O-B” video + new album

Sahtyre is one of the new school Project Blowedians and has a new album High Saht out now on Swim Team / Project Blowed Records and features 2mex, Rifleman, Nocando and more; with production by Kuest 1, Kenny Segal and others.


1. High Saht Intro prod. by Kuest 1
2. Liquified Dopeness prod. by 60 Cycle Hum
3. J-O-B prod. by Kuest 1
4. Get Down Wit It prod. by Kenny Segal
5. Rock, Roll (ft. Alpha MC, 2mex, & Rifleman) prod. by Alpha MC
6. Take 2 of These prod. by Kuest 1 & Maestro
7. Pure Inspiration prod. by Kuest 1
8. Summer in the City prod. by Kuest1
9. Blasted! (skit ft. DosTres)
10. I Lost My Mind prod. by Instrumental Hospital
11. Move (ft. Swim Team) prod. by Kuest 1
12. Always Say Never prod. by Sober Bum
13. Club Bangers prod. by Maestro
14. Natural High (ft. Open Mike Eagle, Dumbfoundead, & Nocando) prod. by D.C.
15. I Hate you Guys prod. by No End

More info at: myspace.com/sahtyre

9 Responses

  1. sahtyre is definately the fool……it’s good to know that rap has a future!!!!!! swim team got some beasts!

  2. snap! really nice. seriously though, who doesn’t want to test video games for a living?

  3. thanks for all the love yall! fareal

    haha metawon trust me man, its fun testing for like 3 months then its a tedious hell that only the nerdiest of the nerds can stand…i guess im only 2nd level nerd cuz i couldnt hang

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