Apr 7, 2009

Sahtyre – “J-O-B” video + new album


Sahtyre is one of the new school Project Blowedians and has a new album High Saht out now on Swim Team / Project Blowed Records and features 2mex, Rifleman, Nocando and more; with production by Kuest 1, Kenny Segal and others.


1. High Saht Intro prod. by Kuest 1
2. Liquified Dopeness prod. by 60 Cycle Hum
3. J-O-B prod. by Kuest 1
4. Get Down Wit It prod. by Kenny Segal
5. Rock, Roll (ft. Alpha MC, 2mex, & Rifleman) prod. by Alpha MC
6. Take 2 of These prod. by Kuest 1 & Maestro
7. Pure Inspiration prod. by Kuest 1
8. Summer in the City prod. by Kuest1
9. Blasted! (skit ft. DosTres)
10. I Lost My Mind prod. by Instrumental Hospital
11. Move (ft. Swim Team) prod. by Kuest 1
12. Always Say Never prod. by Sober Bum
13. Club Bangers prod. by Maestro
14. Natural High (ft. Open Mike Eagle, Dumbfoundead, & Nocando) prod. by D.C.
15. I Hate you Guys prod. by No End

More info at: myspace.com/sahtyre


  1. I’m proud of the homies. The homie Saht is doing his damn thing. Pickup High Saht. That shit is fire!!!

  2. Avatar stinson

    hahah verse two is killer!!

  3. I like it. tracklisting for the album looks pretty good too.

  4. Avatar joe dub

    sahtyre is definately the fool……it’s good to know that rap has a future!!!!!! swim team got some beasts!

  5. Avatar metawon

    snap! really nice. seriously though, who doesn’t want to test video games for a living?

  6. Avatar Sahtyre

    thanks for all the love yall! fareal

    haha metawon trust me man, its fun testing for like 3 months then its a tedious hell that only the nerdiest of the nerds can stand…i guess im only 2nd level nerd cuz i couldnt hang

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