Mar 15, 2011

Sole – “Cell Memory” video from Mansbestfriend Vol. 5


Video premier for a dope track from the latest volume of Sole’s Mansbestfriend series (available exclusively at ). Directed by John Wagner and Yasamin Holland.


  1. Avatar Grant GLock

    “Sometimes Im anoided by old fans”? Fuck That.

  2. This is dope! Mr. old Sole fan up there, how could you be offended by somebody saying “sometimes”? Old fans of any artists are often the worst most annoying dicks imaginable… like all the guys who want artists to keep making the same exact sounding album over-and-over, instead of experimenting with new shit.

  3. real talk ceej… yeah i get annoyed by some old fans cuz they want the same thing over and over again…. AND they have reminded me that i didn’t top selling live water… UNTIL NOW.

  4. Avatar max prime

    the new raps are super good. i think the beat is wierd though, so suck on that sole

  5. Avatar Son of a Pipe Layer

    Drop the new Sole and Skyrider already!!!

    • Avatar Grant Glock

      That’s neat. Just thought that fans were important to performers! Performers even read comments that old fans write. I don’t know why? Never said I didn’t like the new video. Actually thought it was pretty good. Sold my Bottle of Humans record.

  6. hahah hey grant… you are acting like a baby… this is grown man B.I. dont need that kind of attitude stinking up my music no more.

  7. This is really tight.

  8. Avatar max prime

    “no homo sapien” hahaha

  9. Avatar virtch

    “sweet like tv blood”

    old fan,
    felt it alot.

  10. Avatar william m. james

    I think it’s funny that the video needed to directors. I like it though

  11. Avatar Awkward

    this beat reminds me of creepin up on a sneak attack and cold getting busy.
    five stars

  12. 2 directors.

    art director: i needed my wife to dress me up and pick colorful backdrops
    photography director: and john from fake four to direct & shoot

    i know my aesthetic limitations. i want MBF videos to be more artsy than the other stuff im doing. i dont care about clothing or color.

  13. Avatar Scott Farkus

    Love this. Beat feels so gully like I’m about to roll up on some chumps and drop the gloves.

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