July 20, 2013

Sole & DJ Pain 1 – “Don’t Riot”

“Much has already been said about Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon martin, the racist jurors, the fact thatmore blacks are today in prison then were slaves in 1850, Zimmerman’s indefensible myspace postings, etc. I don’t need to write about that here. Anyone who has been in public or has a facebook page has gotten a taste of how ugly The United States underbelly really is, and hopefully this can be an opportunity for learning and having frank and honest discussions about race & the state.

This would/should have been a turning point for people in this country, considering the war on women’s reproductive rights happening in North Carolina & Texas, and the recent knowledge that we now live in asurveillance state that surpasses Orwell’s wildest dreams. We live in a time where cops break bones and all the media can talk about is “reverse racism” and broken windows.

What we witnessed instead in Denver(and around the country) were very passive “rallies” organized & watched over by politicians, churches and oddly enough in Denver, the Chief of Police. These “rallies” take the form of carefully coordinated ventings of frustrations, i.e. “the controlled demolition of rage.” The result is the defense & consolidation of state power, the channeling of anger through safe channels, and thus no real challenge to the power system that locks up, murders, and oppresses those who are not members of the “ruling class.”

This song makes no qualms about the fact that it is coming from the perspective of someone who wishes to abolish the system that oppresses and murders the under-privileged and seeks to disrupt, intervene and block business as usual. As usual, NY and the west coast went hard, while people in most cities were content to show up, throw some money and a trash bag and get back to work.”
— Sole