Aug 7, 2009

soso / Motionless split 7-inch


soso / Motionless split 7"

The second release from Swedish label Mism features soso (produced by Maki) and Motionless, a band formed around rapper Pierre the motionless from Amiens, France. Maki’s beat for soso also appears as instrumental version on side A. Limited to 300 copies this split 7″ comes in a cardboard cover with artwork by Toak and inlays with the lyrics of both tracks.

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  1. Avatar deejay emoh betta

    sounds dope!

  2. Avatar Filthy Prick

    Where can I get this in Edmonton???

  3. Avatar Jesus Fucking God Fucker


  4. yeah thanks for the post noyz319!
    filthy prick (and anyone else of course) you should be able to get the 7″ soon on, enjoy!
    oh yes, btw, we’re from switzerland, not sweden ;)

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