November 26, 2009

Subtitle – how2beat_the beat3.1

Subtitle - how2beat_the beat3.1

How2_3.1, a new free download project from Subtitle.


I was supposed to drop this a while ago but it wasn’t done and I was hemmed up with all types of shit popping off. Now that I have relocated to Brussels for the interim and things are still moving how they should, I can get back on schedule with the campaign. Like Red said, “a setback is only a set-up for a comeback” and that’s what I’m all about. LA Cita Strobe soon come and stations of the crev02 will be here before that. Trunk Bomb Beta is 5 songs deep in stage-B which is lyrical mode. Stage-A was production mode and C will be post production mode. You will either love it or hate it….

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