Nov 26, 2009

Subtitle – how2beat_the beat3.1

Subtitle - how2beat_the beat3.1

How2_3.1, a new free download project from Subtitle.


I was supposed to drop this a while ago but it wasn’t done and I was hemmed up with all types of shit popping off. Now that I have relocated to Brussels for the interim and things are still moving how they should, I can get back on schedule with the campaign. Like Red said, “a setback is only a set-up for a comeback” and that’s what I’m all about. LA Cita Strobe soon come and stations of the crev02 will be here before that. Trunk Bomb Beta is 5 songs deep in stage-B which is lyrical mode. Stage-A was production mode and C will be post production mode. You will either love it or hate it….


  1. Fatmike

    Gino is a mad man. Keep doing the most homie.

  2. hamilton

    sub, if you read this… quit making craptracks.
    expressed with love, hamlet.

  3. 15 Years Hapkido

    Cannot get into this guy at all.

    Fucking dance music shit.

  4. Love Subtitle! Love the How to beat the beat series! Keep em coming!

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