Jun 1, 2009

Subway – “Small Town Talent” video


Video for the Moka Only produced track “Small Town Talent” from Brooks, Alberta emcee Subway’s debut album On The Right Track. Video directed by Stu Ray.

For more info on Subway check out his myspace.


  1. shitty bill

    his name is subway but he aint no jared the subway guy haha. cool vid

  2. haha the vid and the song are a lot better than i thought they would be. the video actually showcases the city and it’s people and my homies absent minds (medicine hat!) quite well.

  3. good job dude. shit looks pro.

  4. dope video and track.

    There should be a shot of everyone holding their noses cause fuck that city stinks.

  5. This video looks really fucking tight. Good debut.

  6. Chris

    Was that Keg Leg?

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