Qwel & Maker – Beautiful Raw (DJ Bizkid Megamix)

Megamix of their new album, Beautiful Raw, out May 7th on Galapagos4.

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Brzowski – Blooddrive Vol 3

New album of rare tracks, collaborations, demos, unreleased remixes, new songs and lost material spanning from 2006-2012. Featuring Ceschi, Chadio, Fatt ...

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DJ Bizkid – Features & Collabos (2006 – 2008)

New compilation featuring Xczircles, Nomar Slevik, Aamir, Scarub, Konverse, Charade, Ira Lee and more. Out now on Milled Pavement.

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Nomar Slevik – In the Field Where I Died

New Nomar Slevik album out now on Milled Pavement Records. The LP features Noah23, Brzowski, Demune, Id Obelus, Selfhelp, Zoen, Myn Dwun, John Cue Publik and more.

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Id Obelus – The Jabberbox

Free download of Id Obelus' sixth official release. The Jabberbox features DJ Bizkid, Ace Ha, Selfhelp, Nomar Slevik, Richard Cook, and more.

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Qwel & Maker – Owl [preview mix]

Qwel & Maker's 3rd full-length album, Owl, drops September 14, 2010 on Galapagos4. Download DJ Bizkid's preview mix of the album...

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Galapagos4 Presents: Break The Mold, a Chicago Mixtape

10 years of Chicago tracks from Galapagos4 & extended family complied into one 80 minute mixtape by Germany’s DJ Bizkid. Download the ...

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DJ Bizkid meets Nomar Slevik Mixtape

Nomar Slevik (Vocals, Production) and Dj Bizkid (Mix, Turntable Noise) have a new mixtape avaiilable now

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