November 1, 2012

Brzowski – Blooddrive Vol 3

Brzowski - Blooddrive Vol. 3

New album of rare tracks, collaborations, demos, unreleased remixes, new songs and lost material spanning from 2006-2012. Featuring Ceschi, Chadio, Fatt Matt, Epic, Kaboom, Azreal, Touch, Georg Korg, DJ Bizkid, and 16 different producers. Out now on Milled Pavement.

Track Listing
01- Doorstop
02- Babylonian Transformer (feat. DJ Bizkid)
03- An Echo In The Well
04- Friendly Fire (Redux) (feat. Ceschi, Seez Mics)
05- Too Big To Fail
06- Verse for Th’Mole (Demo)
07- Whorebar
08- Like Woe (C Money Burns Remix)
09- Tim Burton
10- Mammalian Politics
11- Out fo Turn (feat. DJ Halo)
12- All Flags Iraq (feat. Leo the Albatross)
13- Glitter Up
14- A Fitful Sleep
15- The Embers (Rough)
16- Meet Me Down Home (feat. Chadio, Fatt Matt, Epic, Kaboom, Azreal, Touch)
17- Ne Pomnju (feat. Georg Korg)
18- Autumn’s Mouth (feat. Caity St. Laurent)
19- Them Boys Ain’t Right (feat. ADAM, Mo Niklz)
20- Nest of Snakes (Remix)