May 11, 2011

Nomar Slevik – In the Field Where I Died

Nomar Slevik - In the Field Where I Died

New Nomar Slevik album out now on Milled Pavement Records. The LP features Noah23, Brzowski, Demune, Id Obelus, Selfhelp, Zoen, Myn Dwun, John Cue Publik and more.

Writer, producer and audio engineer, nomar slevik has been one of the most active singer/rapper/song writers in the “Indieground” scene to date. Hailing from Southern Maine, he has not only impacted the hearts and minds of the New England scene, but has also charmed the western U.S., Canadian, Euro and Japan fan bases as well. With dynamic releases such as the wildly successful “Sasquatch: The Great Dying”, “The Tules- A Haunter’s Workshop” and the recently released 7inch/CD combo, “Welcome to Fuckland” Nomar Slevik stands to win the hearts of all head nodding, beat lovers everywhere.

01. Familiar Paths (produced by Nomar Slevik)
02. Warning Shot feat. Meiso (produced by Nomar Slevik)
03. Danger Zone (produced by Nomar Slevik)
04. Song of the Damned (produced by DJ Extend)
05. In Dreams (produced by S.L.A.P.)
06. Mayday (produced by John Cue Publik)
07. Way Out Loud feat. Selfhelp (produced by Nomar Slevik)
08. Minimal Risk (produced by John Cue Publik)
09. Molecular War Plan feat. Myn Dwun (produced by Nomar Slevik & Mat Young)
10. Center of the Earth (produced by Myn Dwun)
11. Our Lives (produced by Nomar Slevik)
12. Prime Nobility (produced by zoën)
13. Puget Sound feat. Demune (produced by John Cue Publik)
14. The Haynesville Incident (produced by Tony Ciro Saggese)
15. Shut Yo Face feat. Cognition & Id Obelus (produced by John Cue Publik)
16. Northern Trajectory feat. Noah23, Brzowski, A-Frame & DJ Bizkid (produced by Nomar Slevik)
17. Whole World (JCP mix) (produced by John Cue Publik)
18. Big Fish feat. Xczircles & DJ Bizkid (produced by Efalive)

Nomar Slevik - In the Field Where I Died