Ceschi & The Raincoatman – Dream Girl

Two song single from the upcoming unreleased album by Ceschi & The Raincoatman (aka DJ Scientist).

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Ceschi & The Raincoatman – “Hello N.Y.”

Previously only available on the rare Ceschi & Dj Scientist postcard package.

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Ceschi – “Same Old Love Song” feat. 2Mex & Awol One

New video for a Dj Scientist produced track that originally came out on a picture disc in 2009. Directed by Outlier.

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DJ Scientist – “World of Stone”

From DJ Scientist’s debut album For Better, For Worse – out October 26th on Equinox Records.

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Ceschi – Shorted Circuits EP

Dope new Ceschi 10-inch picture disc with two new songs, plus remixes from 'The One Man Band Broke Up', produced by DJ Scientist.

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Ceschi – “No New York”

Dope new track from Ceschi’s long awaited new album, The One Man Band Broke Up, to be released on Equinox Records / Fake Four Inc. in June...

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Ceschi – “Bad Jokes” video

Video for Ceschi and DJ Scientist’s “Bad Jokes” from the album The One Man Band Broke Up (to be released on ...

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Ceschi – “Count On It / Bad Jokes” [mp3 snippets]

Ceschi let us know about his new 7" dropping September 26th on Equinox Records. This 7inch single is the first introduction to Ceschi and DJ Scientist's new full length

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One Year & A Day – The 5inch Files

One Year & A Day - The 5inch FilesDope looking packaging for this 5” vinyl series from Equinox Records. 250 limited hand numbered boxes are available now - each including 5 different vinyl discs in the size of a CD.

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