September 8, 2008

Ceschi – “Count On It / Bad Jokes” [mp3 snippets]

Ceschi let us know about his new 7″ dropping September 26th on Equinox Records. This 7inch single is the first introduction to Ceschi and DJ Scientist’s new full length album to be released in early 2009.

Ceschi - “Count On It / Bad Jokes”

Download Snippet Bundle:

“Count On It” is a powerful hip hop anthem sparked by DJ Scientist’s epic string and drum arrangement, written just weeks before the Fall 2007 Equinox Records European tour. During this time period Ceschi’s band Toca had recently fallen apart only months after the release of their full length album. On top of this, Ceschi severely broke his arm and was taking 90 mg of morphine every day to nullify the pain all while his Grandmother fell seriously ill and ended up spending 2 months in the hospital. “Count On It” was written after one of Ceschi’s every day/all day visits to the hospital and is an in depth self-analysis of a struggling musician trying to maintain a life outside of society’s normalcy.

“Bad Jokes”, is one of the key tracks making up Ceschi’s semi-fictional story of a one-man-band who went by the name of “Julius and The Bearded Savior”. This song is only a single part of an ongoing tale of stardom, deception and failure within an unappreciative music industry. Although “Bad Jokes” is the first story you will hear about “The One Man Band” – it is one of the last stories about his life that is featured on the album which is littered with references to this same story.

The digital version additionally contains a remix of “Bad Jokes” by Misanthrop and an instrumental version of “Count On It”.

About Ceschi:

Some may know Ceschi for his experimental post-psych-rock-hop-jazz-fusion outfit “Anonymous Inc.”, others as a member of “Toca”, a Los Angeles based group that just recently has released an album on Two Tone Elephants Records, and that is known for their collaborations with some of LA’s finest rappers including Aceyalone and Mikah 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Abstract Rude, 2Mex (Of Mexican Descent / Visionaries), among others. Fans of hardcore, punk and metal may also recognize Ceschi’s distinct vocal abilities from his role as a lead vocalist in “Dead By Wednesday”. But on top of all of this, Ceschi has a promising solo career jump started by the 2004 Beyond Space Entertainment release of “Fake Flowers”, and on his 2006 Net31 Records release, “They Hate Francisco False”. He is currently working on an album with DJ Scientist, that will be released on Equinox Records in early 2009.

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  1. Sorry to hear that TOCA has disbanded but looking forward to hearing this record. Ceschi is 3x dope.

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