Jerk Circuit (Bleubird, Filkoe 176, Sign One and DJ Spytek) – Ohemanrap

Long lost album, recorded in Orlando during 2000-2001 and now out on Cassette via Illuminated Paths / Endemik Records.

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FRKSE (ex-members of rajbot)

Raj chats about his new label, moving to Boston, Bollywood and more. His free 'Rosewater' mix is out now feat. Tenshun, Filkoe, + Brzowski.

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Filkoe, Babel Fishh, James P Honey, JamesReindeer – West Coast U.S. Tour

Look for Filkoe, Babel Fishh, James P Honey, and JamesReindeer on tour this month along the West Coast...

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Filkoe – Shooting Stars

New super limited edition Filkoe album (40 copies handcolored by Filkoe, artwork by Mildew) recorded by Edison at the rap shack in S.F. He's selling them on Ebay.

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AbSUrd – Black Sea Life Absorber / Untouched 7″

The first official release from French producer AbSUrd is a 7-inch featuring Papervehicle, James P Honey, and Filkoe...

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Mega Posse Cut (26 rappers) – “Fuck You, We Don’t Need You”

Check out this awesome posse cut brought to you by Bleubird and all of his homies. Worked on since august 2007. ...

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FilkoeAnimal loving emcee Filkoe sits down to talk about animals, amongst other things, as they are the subject of his recent album lost zoo keys and the animal spirits that haunt them.

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Once a Hue, Always a Hue

Once a Hue, Always a HueReally dope new compilation album from our friends at Hue Records in Japan. Once a Hue, Always a Hue features 15 artists including Astronautalis, Neila, Nolto, Factor, Filkoe, Ceschi, Nomad.

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