Jan 29, 2008

Mega Posse Cut (26 rappers) – “Fuck You, We Don’t Need You”


Check out this awesome posse cut brought to you by Bleubird and all of his homies. Worked on since august 2007. Produced and mixed by Scott Da Ros. 26 rappers each with 12 bars:

Bleubird, Ceschi, Babel Fishh, Noah23, Cuer, James P. Honey, Filkoe, Soup, Choke, Recyclone, Penny, Jewels Hunter, MC Egon, Hermit of The Woods, EMC, Nomad, The Secondhand Outfit, Sontiago, Touch, Epic, Bizzart, X:144, Ancient Mith, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu, JD Walker, and Scott Da Ros.

Free download here:


  1. Avatar von christoph

    this is fuckin awesome

    the secondhand outfit has an awesome verse!

    touch kills it!

    hahahhaa “at least im not dancin in a video with feist”
    i cant wait to see epic rap.

  2. Avatar ceej

    So good! Ceschi murders it!

  3. Avatar Moshe

    epic rules .. that is too good

  4. Avatar Chaps

    That posse cut has a lot of sick talent right there! Props to all the homie involved!

  5. hahahahahahahahahah! great track!

  6. I’m 4 minutes into it, and it’s mad fun so far.

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