FRKSE – Desecration Anxiety I

New full-length album from FRKSE, out now. Vinyl available from Auris Apothecary. The new full-length album from experimental artist FRKSE, sculptor of bleak atmospheres, tape


James P Honey

Speaking with James P Honey about his life, art, music and new VAllEY collaboration project with FRKSE.


Frkse – Square of Concealment

Square of Concealment by FRKSE Side A from the new Frkse cassette dropping in February.


Frkse & Khlyst / Tewz split 7-inch

106 copies on clear/clouded vinyl. All covers are different as they are unintentional collaborations: the artists are unaware discarded remnants of artist projects unintentionally superimposed,

FRKSE – Guilt Surveillance LP

Help the homie FRKSE raise funds to his new album pressed on vinyl! Check out the different incentives and packages here: Our Story FRKSE


FRKSE (aka rajbot) – FRKSE

FRKSE is back with a dope new self-titled instrumental album, released limited edition style on cassette tape through a collaboration between I Had An Accident Records and Cooler Than Cucumbers.

Instruments – Assembly Room

Dope new remix album with Graematter, Ango, Deadly Stare, K-the-I???, P-Love, Mattr, Edison, Masashi of 8th Wonder, Jayrope, Speed Dial 7, FRKSE, and Modulator (Stigg of the Dump) all taking their turn at re-interpreting Instruments’ rock tracks.