Onry Ozzborn – Duo Film

In case you weren’t already excited about Onry’s upcoming Duo album, this film / extended music video featuring excerpts of nearly ...

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Jel – Live @ The Grammies

Collection of remixes from the early 2000’s. Previously only compiled for a Japanese tour CD. Ft: General Electrics, Dj Krush / ...

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Pigeon John – “Champagne On My Shoes”

Video off the upcoming Encino Man LP. Directed & edited by Sapient.

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Nocando – Tits ‘N Explosions

Free mixtape featuring production from Eyelove, Dj Nobody, Kenny Segal, Preston James, Low Limit, Thavius Beck, Steve Nalepa, and Mike Parvicci.

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LightningCloud – “Burn It Down” feat. Pigeon John

New video by LightningCloud (Crystle Lightning and RedCloud).

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Dumbfoundead – Old Boy Jon

DFD is Old Boy Jon. Produced by Duke Westlake. Featuring Pigeon John, Danny Cho, Wax, Sahtyre, Matik, and more.

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Pigeon John

Catching up with Pigeon John about music, religion, and more.

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Factor – “Lawson Graham” video

Video for the instrumental outro from Factor's new album Lawson Graham (drops May 18 on Fake Four Inc.) Directed by Stuey Kubrick. Crazy good pre-order deals over at circleintosquare.com.

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The Grouch & Eligh – “All In” feat. Gift of Gab & Pigeon John

Video for a dope track from the Grouch & Eligh’s new album, Say G&E, which drops April 21 on Legendary Music.

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TOCA – Debut Album Now in Stores!

TOCA TOCA are Xololanxinxo (vocalist), Ceschi Ramos (the band’s musical mastermind), David Ramos (drummer, vocalist), Tommy Valencia (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist), Danny Levin (horns) and Max Heath (piano). Album features guests Pigeon John, Busdriver, Aceyalone, 2 Mex, and more.

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