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June 1, 2007

TOCA – Debut Album Now in Stores!


TOCA are Xololanxinxo (vocalist), Ceschi Ramos (the band’s musical mastermind), David Ramos (drummer, vocalist), Tommy Valencia (vocalist, multi-instrumentalist), Danny Levin (horns) and Max Heath (piano). Album features guests Pigeon John, Busdriver, Aceyalone, 2 Mex, and more.

“TOCA is like Morrissey on Def Jux — a light at the end of a tunnel.” Pigeon John

“Having seen the process from Day 1, I’m amazed. I think it’s a turning point in Los Angeles hip-hop.” 2Mex

“TOCA is like Os Mutantes meets Mothers of Invention meets Freestyle Fellowship at a music academy, yet not” Busdriver

For more info: tocatheband.com

Music Video for the single “Liar” ft. Pigeon John

“What I Didn’t Say” Music Video