Feb 19, 2008

The Goods – “The Goods Must Be Crazy” [video]


“The Goods Must Be Crazy” music video off The Goods upcoming album 5th Wheel, dropping April 1st 2008 on Camobear. Directed by Gesar Mukpo.


  1. Not bad… I liked the changing of scenery from verse to verse… The dancing at the end was cool.

    Good to see The Goods are back in business.

  2. Avatar Chaps

    Awesome! It is great the Goods are back for more and that they are on Camobear! I can’t wait for this one to drop!

  3. “The dancing at the end was cool.”
    Agreed. Had a nice throwback feel. That vid was fun.

  4. that’s awesome! pROPS TO KUNGA.

  5. Avatar chadp

    so sick. the swimming chicken wing is best

  6. Avatar CountTurrack

    sick song & video.

  7. Avatar Rewind

    very tight track..good to see a new album on the way from The Goods also.

  8. Avatar workturkey

    sick track and vid and yes the chicken wing thing is awesome

  9. Avatar ethik9

    like their older work personally.but im psyched to see what else they got goin for this 5th album in a whole. the goods must be crazy!

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