April 13, 2010

The Grouch & Eligh – “!BOOM!” ft. Slug of Atmosphere

New video from The Grouch & Eligh ft. Slug. Produced by Amplive of Zion I. Cameos from Aesop Rock, Mistah FAB, Bored Stiff, The Bayliens, BAS1, DJ Fresh, and more. Directed by Matt Hobbs for Vital Films.

Download the track for free at therealgrouch.com.


38 Responses

  1. I laughed when I watched this for the first time a couple months back…I dont really know they are trying to do here..
    This was one of the worst tracks on the new G&E.

  2. I wasn’t feelin the track at first, but it grew on me overtime. Video’s dope too. The G&E cd was prob the best of 09 for me. Good ish.

  3. None of it was good. The song: the beat was boring, the lyrics were trite, and the flow was forgettable – worst of all, unoriginal. The video: boring, uninspired, and unoriginal. The only redeeming part of the video were the cameos. So, yes, I suppose “it’s not that bad.” But, very bad nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong, I like every single person involved in the making of this track/video. But, that only makes this more disappointing and more regrettable.

  4. I don’t like this track but someone as wack as YOU shouldn’t comment. Sorry weak sauce….come again.


  5. I find it absolutely hilarious that IP would take a shot at Nolto; possibly the most stand-up dude on this board, and probably one of the only ones that would never talk shit about him.
    This song is garbage, and sticks out like a sore thumb on what otherwise is a fairly good record.

  6. IP, thanks for checking out my music. If I get the time, I should probably check out yours. I have a lot to learn from you, if I ever want to be as respected as you are in this industry. Thanks again.

  7. you guys got it all twisted, sure maybe nolto is a dope guy(I don’t know him) but the music is trash. I wish you cats wouldn’t let friendships get in the way of what’s dope & wack….it just makes for trash music. Fuck a yes man…if my best friend was wack, I would tell him….I love hip-hop and in a world where it’s so saturated it’s time for people to step up and diss what’s garbage…keep some integrity and above all dope music in the game!!


    nothing personal yo.

    1. The thing is when people are honest people such as yourself catch feelings. I agree with you, more people should be honest, but more people should also be honest with themselves as well. Not trying to start up anything but you have to admit your statement is real hypocritical (and in case you don’t know what that means, it’s to say something then do the opposite).

  8. Just be honest in the game! I’m far from hypocritical but i’m sure i’ve had my moments just like you & everyone else in the world. Bottom line is I grew up on the golden era(arguably the best era ever) but I’m into new & current shit too, gotta move with the times…unfortunately nowadays you gotta sift through 10-11 albums of trash before you find a dope one…underground or mainstream…..and i’m never gonna say shit is dope just to be political or fit in with the group, that’s fuckin’ wack, stand for something or fall for everything, knawmean??


    1. “in a world where it’s so saturated it’s time for people to step up and diss what’s garbage”
      Seriously? Re-read this statement, then ask yourself why it is that your MUSIC (I mean the music in itself, nothing to do with your personality) gets ragged so much.

      Nolto is a good friend of mine, yes; but I can say without being biased that he is one of the better rappers coming out of the prairies.


      Then again he doesn’t try to re-create what already happened in 1994, so I can understand why you aren’t really feeling him.

    2. But forgetting Nolto…I’m kind of curious to hear your thoughts on why you think it is that so many hate on the music you make (In regards to that statement of yours that I quoted).

      Back to this video:
      I would have much rather seen them do a video for “I’m Comin Up” or “Say G&E!” (Unless they already have and I missed them). I just think this is a strange first single, because it is so different from the rest of the album..

  9. WOW! peeps catching feelings left & right. From a TRUE UNBIASED opinion from someone who has listened to hip hop for 20 years, and who don’t know any of you personally. Yes the “Boom” track does stick out from the rest of the album, BUT it still tops anything I’ve heard from either IP or Nolto. True story. Quit with the back and forth, fall back and learn from these dudes. At this point Nolto, Factor is my favorite producer and i’ve bought everything he’s put out that’s available, but before it goes to the ipod, i gotta take anything with you rapping (singing) off, so i’m not having to skip later. With that said, i’m not the type to usually just call a cat out, but you came off like a straight hater this time homie. Shape up.

  10. My music speaks for itself & definately can hang in today’s game with a touch of that golden era still in tact! to each their own.

    ps: the reason on ugs i get ragged on is cause I am a leader and I will not follow the gay “groupthink” mentality that lives here! Maybe y’all should have better taste or something, i’m just here to be real and perhaps ruffle a few feathers in the process.


  11. Point me in the direction to what YOU think is your best material. I’ve only heard a few cuts and i’m pretty sure you were either featured or had someone featured that got me there in the first place. I don’t wanna base my decision on you off that…

  12. @ chris plus “yes, things have gotten better over the years” @ hugh i’ve done 10 including group work…the old stuff is too undergound for me now(lol) but it was the growth I needed to get where i’m at now – my best work is WESTWORD THEE ALBUM avaialble worldwide now! (google it, if needed)

    cheers, IPeezy

  13. IP you are a big fat homo.

    You’re the dude who is gonna be telling his grandchildren stores about how you used to be a big ‘trap star’ while they’re rolling their eyes.

    You’re not a leader bro. You’re a follower and it’s pretty damn plain to see that.

  14. Yea you fat in body weight/
    it’ll prolly take me/
    shoving calluses down your throat/
    to cough up somethin dope.

  15. “it’s time for people to step up and diss what’s garbage” – IP
    That’s exactly what I was doing. Then you started criticizing me for it. Classic hypocritical move.

  16. You fucking new jacks. That line is from the illest rap battle of all fucking times and probably the illest rapper on the west coast at the time.

  17. IP might be a dbag but at least he probably knows the reference. It was used to diss a big fatty so I thought it was appropriate here.

  18. @ Nolto, naw I just find it funny when a way lesser talent disses someone like grouch or slug, that’s all.

    of course it’s my opinion, obviously from the responses it’s a HEAVY opinion indeed.


  19. So just because they are more successful, I am not allowed to say that I dont like a song they made?

  20. say whatever you want, i’m just fuckin’ wit y’all anyways….haha…I could care less about what y’all are doing…I do me regardless. I support dope hip-hop 24/7 365.

    peace, IP

  21. i thought the song was alright. i liked the nolto jam that kcom linked a lot. the sing rapping thing is a hit or miss mistress but the lyrics were tops.