August 31, 2009

The Ill Seer Bootlegs

The Ill Seer Bootlegs

New 2009 version of Ill Seer’s Bootlegs project. Features lots of Canadians: Toolshed, Selfhelp, Vangel, Dorc, Savilion, Thoughtbug, and more.


“It’s been four and a half years since ILL SEER released his critically acclaimed and CGMA-nominated debut album. While continuously studying and teaching theology and philosophy, Seer’s been working on a few upcoming musical projects for Prophetic Poetic, but decided to rework his first underground mixtape “The Ill Seer Bootlegs” to highlight what is now a decade’s worth of his recording career. This fresh installment features brand new music, remixes, unreleased and classic tracks, as well as various collaborations alongside a motley crew of artists. Sit down with the project and let the lyrics of this Delegate of Culture truly sink in while the beats pound your skullcap.”


01 Back 2 Unity Intro [prod. Hoodee]
02 Think About These Things (Remix) ft Mandy Martens [prod. The Dirty Sample]
03 See Rap Run (Radio) ft Runaway [prod. The Runaway]
04 Time For the Taking ft. Thoughtbug [prod. Savilion]
05 Thaumatology ft VS. [prod. VS.]
06 In A Word ft Jerrakka [prod. Jerrakka]
07 The Roots of Mene ft Delegates of Culture [prod. Skuff]
08 Truthless [prod. Chris Groove]
09 Botanical Animals ft Skeletal Decibels [prod. D. EngineEar]
10 Vocation ft Elias [prod. Rich t the Servitor]
11 LifeBlood ft Michaelis Constant, Testament [prod. Rich t the Servitor]
12 Destitute Feedback (Loop) [prod. Bee109]
13 CloudCutCut [prod. Selfhelp]
14 Drive Inn Classics ft Toolshed, Selfhelp [prod. Bee109]
15 Angry Kings ft. ID Obelus [prod. Elypsis]
16 Theory Vs. Practice ft Vangel [prod. Dorc]
17 WeLocal Remix ft VS, The Runaway [prod. VS.]
18 War Pigs Outro [prod. Inja]

5 Responses

  1. I don’t think so… Bee109 is from England, I believe. I mean, I guess it’s possible but I have my doubts.

    Looks like an interesting collection of songs. I may have to download this.

  2. yeah Bee109 is one of the Delegates of Culture outta Cambridge, UK and the Destitute Feedback track is my first solo hiphop song ever. check out Bad Boys if u wanna see there newest ish.

    i haven’t mad any music with AME109 since the Bassments of Badmen II joint. i remember we did a track about Southern Ontario at one point where i dropped gems like “it’s up and at ’em, with a stratum of datum from Putnam to Chatam. i gotta track him down again he was makin some dope beats last time we spoke…