May 9, 2009

The Nope (Psy & Moka Only) “Rain All Day”


The Nope (Psy & Moka Only) "Rain All Day"

New digital single “Rain All Day / Wedonappreciatit” from The Nope (Psy of the Oddities and Moka Only). The single is taken from their upcoming album Melba to be released this Summer on Domination Recordings. The 8-track single also features the non-album cut “Really Real”, instrumentals, acapellas and an exclusive remix of “Rain All Day” by ST/MiC. Available on iTunes, Emusic, Rhapsody, and

1. Rain All Day
2. Wedonappreciatit
3. Really Real
4. Rain All Day (ST/MiC Remix)
5. Rain All Day (Acapella)
6. Wedonappreciatit (Acapella)
7. Rain All Day (Instrumental)
8. Wedonappreciatit (Instrumental)

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  1. word! didnt even hear about this!

    downloaded now!

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