May 8, 2009

The Returners (2Mex, Die Young, Deeskee & Stacey Dee) – “Powerless” video



  1. 2 mex and die are the best emcee’s ever. deeskee kills it. dope.

  2. Dope song and and even doper video.

  3. This is great. Very excited for this to drop.

  4. Yes!! Also really stoked for this to drop!

  5. Fatmike

    Deeskee is the most underrated producer out. I’m glad that his beats will be able to be heard by more heads out there courtesy of the good folks over at Strange Famous Records. By the way if you watch this video and do not think Skee has the dopest hair in hip hop you need to go check yourself.
    This is a really dope song. The whole album is going to be bananas.
    Go get ’em Alex.


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