November 12, 2010

Touch – Alienated

Touch – Alienated

New solo album from veteran Edmonton emcee Touch. Featuring production from Jon Dubs, 9thUno, Centurey Sam, Al-Khaaliq, Nato, The Dirty Sample, Dusty Kraytz, DJ Moves, Adept, J Soul, Marc Pause, and C Sekshun. Guest raps from Angerville, Unknown Mizery, Ali Son of Abdul, Ill Bill, E-Dot, Evil, Teekay of Dragon Fli Empire, Fatt Matt, and Sabo Forte. Out now on Neferiu Records.

12 Responses

  1. How did you get the alternate cover version? I wasn’t going to release that one until the re-release with the DVD and bonus track featuring Vinnie Paz.

  2. Anyone got a link to that vue article? the website is a giant clusterfuck to try and navigate through