Apr 4, 2013

Track Master: Reality TV Show for Producers feat. Jel, Doseone, Lateef + more


Pilot episode of a new competition show for Bay Area producers, including Jel and Headnodic (Crown City Rockers). Judges for this episode are Doseone, Lateef (Latyrx), Tommy Mcelroy (FM Recorders), and DJ Platurn (The Oakland Faders). Hopefully we’ll see more episodes, Doseone judging Jel is pretty fair, haha.



  1. Ha, this is awesome! It seems low budget, like its for a cable access TV channel or something, but i’m assuming because they’re just trying to get this picked up by a network still? Anyways, I’d watch more!

  2. Cosm

    I’m hooked after th first eppy. Any word on if more will air?

    • 319

      From the youtube comments: “We just shot the one episode and we are trying to shop the idea. Know any hotshot network execs?

      Unfortunately i think this means there won’t be a follow up episode.

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