Apr 14, 2014

Watch Now: Left Fields (Indie Hip Hop Documentary)


Stream or download the full Left Fields documentary (2011). Exploring the network of genre-crossing artists such as Ceschi, Dark Time Sunshine, A Band of Buriers, Noah23, Kay the Aquanaut, BabelFish, Th’ Mole, Gonjasufi , Robot Koch and others who collaborate within networks across Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Update: Click the CC button on the vimeo player to turn on English subtitles for the German parts.



  1. So good! I wish there were subtitles for some parts, but this is really awesome and put together so nicely.

    • idunno

      Hey, thanks a lot for your comments, and actually there are english subtitles, at least for the german parts… more languages to come soon!

    • Thanks! I finally realized that i needed to click the CC button to turn on the subtitles.

  2. bitsy boner

    This is cool.

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