July 8, 2008

We Are All Going To Burn In Hell Meggamixx 2 [Free Download]

We Are All Going To Burn In Hell Megga mixx 2 [Free Download]

From producto…with love

“I have decided to make the mp3s of disc one of theWEAREALLGOINGTOBURNINHELLMEGGAMIXX2 (tour only limited edition double disc cds) available for free. You won’t get the Eat My Garbage CD (disc 2), nor will you get the amazing original artwork by Travis Millard or the bragging rights of owning a cd that is going for 150 (so ive been told) bucks a pop on EBAY. But to be honest i felt kind of bad not letting fans who weren’t able to go to the shows hear this stuff.Also, for those lucky 500 who bought the limited pressings I am offering to replace any of the cds that may have been blank. Unfortunately I have heard that a small portion were, which sucks dick and makes me feel like an asshole at the same time. So in a bid to quell the justified pain and borderline rage some have felt popping in a blank cd please send your blank cd to Def Jux

115 South Oxford St.Suite 556
Brooklyn NY 11217
and we will send you a replacement of the cd only, keep your packaging. love, el”

Download here: http://www.definitivejux.net/news/el-p/438

6 Responses

  1. this is nice.

    hassle to download, gotta add it to your cart, then register and shit.

  2. the beats on here are fucking astrobangin’.